Taliban calls on Westerners to stop evacuating Afghans

In addition, the fundamentalists once again reject any extension of the deadline for these operations, set on August 31.

The Taliban is changing the face. The new Taliban regime warned on Tuesday that Westerners should evacuate only foreigners from Afghanistan, not eligible Afghans, again rejecting any extension of the deadline for such operations, set on August 31.

Their spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said at the meeting that “Afghan experts,” like engineers, are being pushed out of the country by the Americans and their allies, and “we ask them to stop that. This country needs its expertise.” Conference in Kabul, recalling his “firm” opposition to continued evacuations after August 31.

The airport is still storming

And while nearly 60,000 foreigners and Afghans have already fled the country by plane since the Taliban took power nine days ago, chaos continues around Kabul airport. Thousands of Afghans have been huddled there for days, some with their entire families, hoping to be able to get in and board one of the planes chartered by Westerners that follows one another on the tarmac.

A virtual G7 summit to assess these evacuations was scheduled for the afternoon. Several G7 leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose country currently chairs the gathering, can appeal to US President Joe Biden to keep his forces beyond the August 31 deadline, to complete these evacuations.

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