Taking stock, Climate Business Conference launches “CEC Academy” to keep moving

Taking stock, Climate Business Conference launches “CEC Academy” to keep moving

Posted on July 01, 2022

Business Climate Agreement (CEC) Act II. After 9 months of reflection and 6 plenary sessions, the 150 companies that participated in the adventure modeled after the Senior Citizen Climate Agreement, launched the “CEC Academy”. Training will be divided by regions, company size or even sectors, in order to “Reinventing business, aligning it with the planetary boundaries, and entering a renewed economyUnderline the members of the Central Election Commission.

Nine months after the first session, we deliver our beautiful baby boyYannick Cervant, co-founder of the Climate Business Agreement (CEC), rejoices while introducing the sixth and final session to committed entrepreneurs. Helping companies move from a policy of “small steps” to a policy of “big steps” The initial ambition of the initiative was: in At the time of the evaluation, the participants showed their enthusiasm without restraint.

This is the beginning of a long journey that will teach us to cooperate with all of our ecosystems. CECs were born in all regions, in all parts of Europe, we, the Gallic people irreducible to the business of tomorrow, will become the leaders of such a clear transformation.rejoices Caroline van Renterghem, CEC member.After a day at CEC, you come out more alive at the end than at the start! It’s a great adventure, a solid set to put the stakes in the right places.”Christophe Sempels, who accompanied the CEC sessions, stated. “We hope to expand the dissemination of CEC methodology, culture and spiritsays founder, Eric Duverger.

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Collaboration to renew models

To achieve this goal, the members announced the creation of the “CEC Academy”. “Training is a prerequisite for work“, specifies Eric Duverger. The aim of the training is thus”Benefit from the methodology applied during CEC which has proven effectiveHe says. All 150 participating companies have already submitted roadmaps for transforming their business model taking into account climate change, planetary boundaries, andEntering a renewed economy“, repeated members of the CEC. In other words, an economy that does not.”It is more content to reduce negative externalities but repairs and generates net positive effectsChristophe Sempels explains.

CEC Academy will ensure the backbone of the training“, insists Eric Duverger. The ethos and requirements of the CEC will be reflected in the training to foster the emergence of a collaborative ecosystem of actors. Indeed,”If a company wants to do things well, it makes them more expensive and they find themselves faced with a “prisoner’s dilemma.”He wonders what their competitors will doexplains Yannick Cervant, co-founder of the Central Election Commission.To overcome this tension, the primary response is cooperation and that is why we launched the Central Election Commission“, adds the latter. The training will thus strengthen the collaborations of companies that collectively decide to renew their economic models and production methods to find solutions and unleash environmental reorientation.

10 proposals for elected officials

CEC Academy “refuses to train her”By regions because industries vary from region to region but also according to the size of groupsEric Duverger specifies.We already have 30 opportunities to create trainingHe confirms that the initiative is underway and volunteer members are looking for partners from the public and private sectors to perpetuate the model and skills of the structure.

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However, ifBusinesses can do a lot, they can’t do everything, they also need politicsGrégoire Fratti, CEC member who previously contributed to the Citizen Climate Agreement. Thus, to encourage fundamental changes, the CEC will present 10 proposals to elected officials, such as a commitment to publish an index of biodiversity, to reform executive bonuses according to climate strategies or to popularize carbon assessments, This program will be presented to the government and parliamentarians in September, and by then, elected officials may have the opportunity to get an internship!

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