Tahiti takes first place in Group B • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Tahiti takes first place in Group B • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

Last night’s match unfortunately did not turn out well, as neither team wanted to play and win so as not to find themselves in the semi-final against New Zealand, who have already qualified.

As a reminder, the two teams playing: Fiji and Tahiti, automatically qualified for the quarter-finals after Papua New Guinea withdrew and after its victory over Tonga.

But the only way for one of the teams – if they later win in the quarter-finals – is not to risk facing New Zealand in the semi-finals (provided that New Zealand also win the quarter-finals) was. to lose the match.

Unfortunately, with a draw (0-0), Tahiti finished first in Group B, which means that if they win in the quarter-finals, they could face New Zealand. “We are sorry about the offer, as we saw on the field that the Fijians also did not want to play for the New Zealand national team, so they turned down the match. It was a very difficult decision to ask the players to turn down the match. We are qualified in the quarter-finals so we resume on Sunday. The competition continues. Knowing that for us, we will definitely meet New Zealand in the semi-finals. But let’s think about the quarter-finals first. (…) We have to re-motivate the players. It is true that what we did tonight is a shame. I am not afraid to say it and I take responsibility We didn’t show real football for this team.” Eto’o Tauria coach Bruno Tehamuana announced at the end of the match.

Tahiti will face the Cook Islands or Vanuatu in the quarter-finals on Sunday 18th September. On the same day, Fiji will face Samoa.

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