Tadej Pojakar and the UAE Should they give up the yellow jersey?

Tadej Pojakar and the UAE Should they give up the yellow jersey?

CYCLING – The Slovenian kept his captain’s jacket for a small 11 seconds against Leonard Kamna, who was in a breakaway state today

He questioned a few minutes after his arrival, Roman Bardet It is not known if Tadej Pojjakar has kept his yellow jersey. “Ah yeah, he keeps it? Even when he wants to give up, he can’t,” the DSM runner breathes with a smile. president Tour de France Already he almost lost his jacket, this Tuesday, during tenth step. Leonard Kamna, the best of 25 riders who broke off the finish line in Megève (8’43 overall), failed by 11 seconds off the line. Is there really good news for Pogacar and his team?

We can at least ask ourselves the question, while the noose tightens on the Emirati formation. Less powerful on paper than Jumbo-Visma or Ineos and already put to good use since its leader took power on the evening of Stage Six in Longwy, today lost George Bennett, who tested positive for Covid. The second package on the tour, after that of Saturday’s Vegard Stake Laengen, and a big hit, as he was supposed to support the New Zealander Pogacar in the high mountains. And again, the catastrophe (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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