"Suspicion" of about fifty cases according to ARS

“Suspicion” of about fifty cases according to ARS

None of the patients showed severe forms. But the presence of this variant, which is more transmissible, worries regional health authorities.

The Landes department has been facing a spike in the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks. In question, the presence of the delta variant, previously baptized “Indian”. ARS and Landes are also holding a press point on the topic on Monday, June 7 from 4 p.m.

Contaminated “basically small”

Two cases were already identified last week In a family residing in Grand Dax. According to Benoit Elbaud, Director General of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Nouvelle-Aquitaine Interview by FranceInfo“We have suspected delta variants in about fifty patients.” As of Friday, 31 tests have been screened. They are now waiting for the sequence to confirm whether or not this variant exists. “In any case, there is a high probability that this is the delta variant,” the public health clinician rules.

The latter specifies that those infected are “mainly young”, not yet vaccinated, and that they do not represent serious forms of the disease.

Business plan under study

However, the health authorities are taking the situation very seriously. This Sunday, the British Minister of Health has already confirmed it The delta variant was 40% more transmissible.. In consultation with the governor, a specific action plan should be quickly submitted to contain the epidemic. In the meantime, ARS is implementing “retrospective tracing, to try to identify zero patients as soon as possible and tracing to identify all people who could have been infected so they can isolate them,” explains Benoit Elbody.

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In Landes, the infection rate rose to 91 on June 6, a three-week increase, and well above the regional average. This weekend, the police and gendarmerie carried out Operations to monitor compliance with health safety instructions.

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