Suspect arrested in Turkey

Suspect arrested in Turkey

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More than four months after the assassination of President Moise, the Haitian judiciary continues to hear witnesses and alleged members of the armed commandos. The sponsors and motives of this crime remain unknown, but the case is moving forward. As evidence of this, a suspect has just been arrested in Turkey.

With our correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Amelia Barron

Samir Handal was arrested upon arrival at Istanbul airport where he was due to cross, and Jordan appears to be his final destination. According to the Turkish news agency DHA, he was traveling with Jordanian and Haitian passports and a Palestinian Authority passport.

after, after the killer from the boss Jovenel MoiseOn July 7, the Haitian police issued a wanted warrant against him for “assassination, attempted assassination and armed robbery”, specifying that the matter had been looked into ” Dangerous and armed ».

Accordingly, Samir Handal was arrested more than 9,000 kilometers from Port-au-Prince. But this arrest raises questions: one wonders in particular how he was able to board a commercial airline in Miami without being arrested?

Now there is also the issue of extradition. A suspected member of the commando who killed Jovenel Moyes was arrested in Jamaica last month, but lacks an agreement on the matter with Haiti, and is said to be on the verge of returning him to Colombia, his home country.

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