Surreal scenes in Australia with heavy rain and crocodiles “surfing” in the streets

Surreal scenes in Australia with heavy rain and crocodiles “surfing” in the streets

Australia is currently experiencing severe floods. The direct consequences of this bad weather? Crocodiles have been observed in the city in torrents flowing through the streets.

“The level of rainfall is unprecedented,” says the Queensland Premier., Stephen Miles told the press on Monday. Indeed, a tropical cyclone hit the island. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the towns and villages most affected by the floods. In Cairns, the highways linking the city are under water, the airport is completely submerged, and in Wugal Wugal, witnesses say the village of 300 people is nothing more than “a sea of ​​dirty water and mud.”

As an unexpected result of this weather, hundreds of crocodiles find themselves trapped in the heavy rain and, following the waves, reach the middle of the street. Authorities even seized a 2.5-metre-long specimen. Videos show Australians holding the animals to prevent them from attacking local residents.

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Australia’s northeastern region has already experienced heavy flooding in February and March 2022.

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