Supreme Court also postpones Trump's federal trial

Supreme Court also postpones Trump's federal trial

The US Supreme Court has referred the issue of Donald Trump's criminal immunity to lower courts.

The conservative-majority US Supreme Court on Monday returned the question of Donald Trump's criminal immunity as a former president to lower courts, delaying his federal trial in Washington. By a vote of six to three, the votes of the six conservative justices against the three progressives, the court held so “The President enjoys no immunity for his unofficial actions,” But this is it “He is entitled at least to a presumption of immunity for his official acts.”.

Donald Trump, who was campaigning to return to the White House, immediately welcomed the “great victory” For democracy. By deciding on February 28 to take up the matter, and then by scheduling arguments nearly three months later, the U.S. Supreme Court has already largely postponed the federal trial of the former Republican president on charges he tried to illegally reverse the results of the 2020 election. Joe Biden won it. The entire procedure of this trial, which was scheduled for March 4 and was postponed indefinitely, has already been suspended for four months.

During the debates, if the justices were generally skeptical of the absolute immunity claimed by the Republican candidate, many of them, especially among conservatives, insisted on the long-term implications of their decision. “We are writing a foundation for future generations.”Neil Gorsuch noted, referring to the unprecedented nature of the question. “This issue has huge implications for the future of the presidency and the country.”His colleague Brett Kavanaugh added.

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Repeated calls

Donald Trump, who is the target of four separate criminal lawsuits, is doing everything he can to get himself tried as soon as possible, at least after the presidential election. He was convicted in New York courts on May 30 “Severe accounting fraud to conceal plot to corrupt 2016 elections”His sentencing is scheduled for July 11. But this is the first criminal conviction, unprecedented for a former U.S. president, in the least politically charged of the four proceedings, and may also be the only one before a vote.

Because through appeals, Donald Trump’s lawyers have been able to postpone other trials until further notice, both at the federal level for withholding classified documents after he left the White House, and in Georgia’s main state courts for interfering in the 2020 election. After being reelected, Donald Trump could, once he is inaugurated in January 2025, order a stay of federal proceedings against him.

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