Submit your short films to the Nikon Film Festival!

Submit your short films to the Nikon Film Festival!

Do you want to make and watch movies? Interesting, fun and exciting, Nikon Film Festival is the perfect opportunity to get started! Whether you’re a fan of the shorts, here’s everything you need to know about this remake.

still FreeAnd the open to allAnd the Nikon Film Festival returns 13th edition…and another topic inspiring since when. Says Goodbye to your imposter syndromeAnd the To your cameras!

Number 13 in 20 minutes

If there is a festival It is as accessible as it is prestigiousIt’s Nikon Film Festival!

This competition for short films stands out by its massiveness Freedom of tones, themes and shapes which you leave to the participants, while a An exceptional starting point Whoever wishes He embarks on his passion for cinema.

To celebrate as it should Thirteenth yearThe festival has been chosen as the theme of this edition Figure 13. a Unparalleled number Because it is located in the center of many Mysteries and superstitions Through the world and through the ages… a symbol Coincidence or mark ominousthe embodiment of ImbalanceTheme afraid or, conversely, trustAnd you, on the 13th, what inspires you?

Like every year, there are onlyone rule To present his short film: It should not exceed 20 minutes.

© Screenshot from the Nikon Film Festival website

Madmoizelle is part of the jury!

this year, Alexander Esther He was chosen to chair Jury. famous Creator and performer Camelot Declare a color promising edition in Video posted to Instagram October. He will be accompanied by Caroline Anglade, Mariama Gui, Beau Marmay, Luciol, François Descracs, Maud Challard, Romain Coiro, Guillemette Audisino, Pascal Faure, David Bertrand and Alexandre Dennot, who will receive awards. Grand Jury Prize.

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The very good news this year is that miss I am honored to be a member of the Prix de la Critiquewhich consists of cultural journalists.

To participate, all you have to do is Register at the Nikon Film Festival websitewhere The Contest rules Available. you have even January 25th to register!

Calendar 2022 – 2023

● Until January 25, 2023: Receipt of participants’ films

● February 1, 2023: Films in competition will be shown and voting for the Audience Award will open

● Announcing the names of the fifty finalists: end of March 2023

● Awards Ceremony: April 21, 2023

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Featured image credit: © Screenshot from Nikon Film Festival website

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