Submarines, New Zealand eyes Aukus alliance with Australia, UK and USA

Submarines, New Zealand eyes Aukus alliance with Australia, UK and USA

New Zealand opens up the possibility of joining the new Aukus defense alliance with Australia, Great Britain and the USA, while maintaining the ban on nuclear-powered submarines, such as those that will supply Australia in the first stage by Great Britain or the USA.

Developing emerging cyber technologies

Australia’s High Commissioner, who is the ambassador, indicated that New Zealand could join the agreement, in order to cooperate in the development of emerging electronic technologies, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

However, the historic ban on nuclear power in its territorial waters will remain. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Ms. Annette King said Okus “doesn’t change in any way” the security and intelligence relations with the three countries of New Zealand, which would have no role in developing nuclear-powered submarines, but now welcomes increased US involvement. The United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in the Indo-Pacific region.

Towards the APEC Summit on November 8

“We affirmed our collective goal, which is to ensure peace and stability in our region and to maintain a rules-based international order,” he said, just days before the 21 APEC Leaders Summit inaugurated on November 8 (the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum). Hosted by New Zealand, where economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic will be high on the agenda.

The sudden alliance and the wrath of Paris

The unannounced announcement in September of the new defense alliance between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, accompanied by the termination of a huge contract to supply French diesel submarines to Australia, caused a surprise in Europe and especially in Europe. Paris angry.

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