Strong passion for return flights between Australia and New Zealand

Strong passion for return flights between Australia and New Zealand

Sentiment was strong on Monday, April 19, among the first passengers to board flights to allow travel between Australia and New Zealand without having to be quarantined upon arrival. Since the borders were closed almost 400 days ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic, separated families have managed to find each other.

«It’s a great day out for families and their friendsNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised the effective policy to combat the Corona virus in the two countries, which allowed the opening of this corridor. On the first day of the corridor, most of the passengers were New Zealanders returning home. The number of tourists is expected to increase during the upcoming school holidays in Australia, scheduled for a few weeks. “We are so happy to be back home, but our family in Australia will be sorely missed. We arrived in Australia on December 11th to spend Christmas with our kids … we had planned to go back in February it was a little nightmareSaid Lauren Worat, New Zealander stranded by the pandemic.

Craig Sokling, an Air New Zealand executive, described the pre-departure atmosphere at Sydney Airport as “Electrician». «It was a real emotional liftGreg Furan, managing director of the airline, called today.HistoricalFor people working in the tourism sector badly hit. “This is a real turning point for the airline. It is the first day of rebirthHe was not declared.

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Australia is studying the possibility of creating a “BubblesTravel with Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, as New Zealand strives to allow unrestricted access to small Pacific nations such as the Cook Islands and Tuvalu. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has also raised the possibility that Australians who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will travel abroad by the end of 2021. Upon their return, they can thus monitor the quarantine period at home rather than forcing them to stay for two weeks in isolation in a hotel. “The idea that one day everything opens up, it just won’t beBut Scott Morrison tempered. “It will be done in a prudent manner, and serious work on medical and sanitary measures.».

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