Stray: A long game trailer and release period for the captivating adventure game with a cat, scheduled on PS5, PS4, and PC

Stray: A long game trailer and release period for the captivating adventure game with a cat, scheduled on PS5, PS4, and PC

you remember stray ? But yes, a third person adventure game with a cat Featured with the first wave of PS5 games last year. The first address of BlueTwelve appeared throughAnnapurna Interactive Gallery from this eveningAfter a long period of shortage of promotions.

So we found Our cunning hero with trailer PlayIt is he who will have to explore and escape from a living futuristic city to find his family. The cat’s intelligence and agility will be used to solve puzzles and interactive puzzles of all kinds, while its speed and agility will be used in more tense stages, so Props will help him even in action scenes. We can also count on our drone friend B12 To interact with the robotic inhabitants of this strange world. Producer Swann Martin-Rage had more to say about this footage on PlayStation Blog.

Greetings! After a long period of intense work with our team, we’re excited to finally be able to tell you more about our game, Stray, with a play promotion to back it up! But first we wanted to give some context to the images you just saw.

Stray is above all an adventure game. The latter tells the story of a cat who accidentally finds herself in a strange and mysterious city and has to make a long journey to find her family. Exploration is obviously an essential part of this game and we love including tons of details at the heart of our environments, and we really hope that players will enjoy all the hidden elements of our universe spread across the levels.

You will discover a lot about this forgotten city and the wonderful characters who live there! Not everything will be said or explained clearly, so it is up to you to know exactly what this strange place is, who are the people and creatures that inhabit it, and the history of this enchanting world you will plunge into.

The cat is undoubtedly the star of this story and it was necessary to show all the ways in which he would interact with his environment. Some of these interactions will be useful and help you solve puzzles as you go along, and others are just there to pay tribute to the cats and their owners, who know full well that the sofa won’t be affected by their paws!

The unique perspective of playing a cat creates some very interesting opportunities in terms of level design. Some common places in video games can be taken over in fun and creative ways: A portal that stands in your way and blocks your way? Well, not for a cat! A clearly decorated gutter wrapped around a building? Here is a platform adapted to the paws of cats!

But while cats can do amazing things, they usually don’t react well to new technology. The little drone you will meet during the game, B12, will be able to make itself useful by translating the language of the machines that will cross your path or by storing valuables you find along the way. But, above all, B12 is a friend with a mysterious past and will learn more about his past as his relationship with the cat develops. It will also be an essential part of the story.

Their long journey will certainly not be easy, and you will discover that fast-paced action and sequences are also key elements of Stray. Certain areas of the game are more dangerous and hostile for our little duo and your cat’s agility and speed will be tested to survive with certain enemies, such as the ‘Zurks’ swarm seen in the trailer. The Zurex family has a huge impact on the lives of the townspeople, but they aren’t the only enemies you’ll face. And if your agility and speed are true assets in your possession, your discretion will play an equally important role as you journey through this strange futuristic maze.

We hope all this information has allowed you to learn more about the Stray world, and we still have a lot to show you! Another part of the city is waiting to be explored. We gave you a very brief overview in our first teaser. The entire team is back to work at full speed to give you the best experience possible and we can’t wait to see players explore the world we’ve created next year. In the meantime, we leave you with the wise words of Oscar, our office manager: MIAAAAOUUU!

Original stray it is now Expected in early 2022 on PC via steamAnd PS4 and PS5However, its exact release date is not known yet.

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