Strange ship seen in space?

Strange ship seen in space?

Monday August 2, 2021 4:01 p.m. – A Harvard professor comes up with an interesting and unusual project. According to him, it is possible that extraterrestrial technologies are detectable in space.

unusual project

A Harvard physics professor has launched an unusual and exciting project. Project Galileo aims to discover signs of extraterrestrial intelligence in space. More precisely: it is about finding extraterrestrial technologies.


The observation of an interstellar object, the asteroid Oumuamua, has piqued enough scientists’ curiosity to suggest the Galileo project. This discovery revealed that the organism possessed very unusual properties. Oumuamua was first identified as a comet, and later reclassified as an asteroid. At the time scientists discovered it, its distance was estimated at 30 million kilometers (0.2 AU). In the end, Oumuamua was reclassified as an interstellar body. Some researchers have even suggested that the comet could be some kind of alien spaceship. Indeed, it is the unusual trajectory of the object that baffles researchers. It is moved by a force that has not yet been determined and does not appear to be affected by any gravitational force.


In the wake of SETI and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Project Galileo aims to maximize all the resources at its disposal: telescopes, cameras, cameras and computers. In a statement, Professor Avi Loeb stated that “humans can no longer ignore the potential existence of extraterrestrial technologies.”

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