Stopping the Gaza flotilla in Türkiye after Guinea Bissau withdrew its flag

Stopping the Gaza flotilla in Türkiye after Guinea Bissau withdrew its flag

The “Freedom Flotilla” heading to Gaza remained banned, today, Saturday, in Turkey, after it was deprived of the navigational flag following “Israeli pressure,” according to what organizers reported, quoted by Agence France-Presse.

A coalition of non-governmental organizations and associations denounced the “administrative obstacles” that prevent them from going to sea after Guinea-Bissau withdrew its flag, considering itself “accomplices” with Israel, according to what it accuses in a letter to it. “The Guinea-Bissau International Ship Registry (GBISR), in an overtly political move, has informed the Freedom Flotilla Alliance that it has removed the Guinea-Bissau flag from two of the fleet’s ships, including our own cargo ship loaded with more than 5,000 ship tons.” She said: “Vital aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.”

It notes that “in its letter informing us of this cancellation, the GBISR made several unusual requests (…) including confirmation of the ships’ destination, potential stopovers and port of discharge” and “requested a formal letter expressly approving the transfer.” For humanitarian aid and a complete declaration of goods. Normally, such an inspection “is concerned only with the safety and relevant standards of ships flying their flag and is not concerned with the destination, itinerary, waybills or nature” of the voyage, regulators say. The coalition concludes that “unfortunately, Guinea-Bissau was complicit in Deliberate Israeli starvation, illegal blockade and genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.”

Simultaneously, a press conference was held in Istanbul's historic Sultanahmet district, in the presence of organizers and 280 volunteers – activists, human rights defenders, lawyers and doctors – ready to go to sea, chanting: “We will go to sea.” The Sea,” “Return the Flag,” and “Free Palestine.” The three ships of the fleet docked for a week in the port of Tuzla, south of Istanbul. They planned to weigh anchor on Friday.

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