Stop selling cigarettes to those born after 2004

Stop selling cigarettes to those born after 2004

The new Zeland Examines a series of Anti-smoking measures Which includes Banning the sale of cigarettes to people born after 2004 As part of a plan to achieve one A smoke-free country by 2025.

Basim New Zealand Smoke Free 2025 Action PlanIn the past, authorities plan to agree to a drastic reduction in the level of nicotine permitted in tobacco and to impose restrictions on where cigarettes can be sold. Additionally, they study the gradual increase ofLegal smoking age And finally Banning the sale of cigarettes For anyone born after 2004.

New Zealand is “smoke-free” by 2025

The aim of this initiative is to phase out tobacco use in the country over the next few years, and to create a portfolio Smokeless New Zealand by 2025. The Ministry of Health clarified that while smoking rates have decreased over the past decade, “there is still a lot to be done”, particularly to reduce consumption between. MaoriThe peoples of the Pacific and those who live in our most disadvantaged societies. “

The health authorities called on citizens to submit proposals for the action plan, which was officially released on Thursday. New Zealanders will have until May 31 to share their views before entering the initiative The next stage of becoming a law. Deputy Health Minister Aisha Viral said that the government wants to hear from the residents and participating companies what measures could be feasible to reduce the rate of smoking in the country:

“About 4,500 New Zealanders die every year from tobacco and we need to act quickly to achieve that. Doing business as usual, without the tobacco control program, will not get us there.”

Meanwhile, many experts have warned that curbing tobacco sales will bankrupt shopkeepers and that The restrictions could fuel the black market irregular.

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