Stop! Scanner time: at checkout for each Kiwi scan every time

As the new highly contagious Covid-19 strains send countries into second and third lockdowns, Things Go ahead to stop! Scanner Time campaign to remind Kiwis of the importance of continuing to scan QR codes, in case of community outbreaks.

Everyone – everyone of us – needs to check the NZ Covid Tracer app, or log in on a piece of paper every time.

Our campaign comes with a number of daily checks on the app Down to five At its peak, complacency begins with the virus. The numbers are starting to rise again after the holiday period, but officials remain concerned about a lack of absorption.

Things Watched as 130 New World Metro shoppers walked to the Willis Street, Wellington store, on a Sunday afternoon. Only 10 of them used the scanner app or logged in within half an hour.

While the kiwi bird is often portrayed as a bit helpless, Things Cartoonist Sharon Murdoch explained why we can’t judge the book by its cover. The kiwi, realizing that it got the code, is fighting the coronavirus with its own QR code. Let’s all be good kiwis together.


The isolation facilities managed here now have cases of a highly contagious UK variant of Covid-19 and a new one linked to South Africa.

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Kia Aura Aotearoa. We did well while keeping Covid-19 out of New Zealand. But as new highly transmissible variants reach our limits, we must prepare for the possibility of community transmission. So let’s start wiping again and keep everyone safe.

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Stop Scannertime Image from Sharon Murdoch


Stop Scannertime Image from Sharon Murdoch

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