Stiller and the Lupton brothers take the lead in the Grand Prix

Stiller and the Lupton brothers take the lead in the Grand Prix

Dozens of pilots will covet the title that is the great dream of any competitor in the powerboat scene, and Andrew Tate, one of the most popular racers with the public gathered around St. Francois Bay, won’t want to miss his chance this year.

Having come close to winning the Grand Prix de Valleyfield several times since his debut in 2015, the experienced driver from Walled Lake (Michigan) pretty much dominated in 2022 with a quarter-turn-tested machine, the “Steeler” GP- 777. In fact. Andrew Tate has been perfect since the start of the campaign with 7 wins in several starts including the finals held in Cambridge (Maryland) and Beauharnois.

“Team STELLER It offers me impeccable mechanics and I don’t want to disappoint them. I would like to win at Valleyfield, especially since this season is dedicated to Mike Endres, who put together the engine program for STELLER The captain commented on the tournament.

The main threats to Andrew Tate at Bay Saint Francois may be New Zealanders Kane and Jack Lupton, who have had their share of success this season with newly built boats at Henderson Workshops in Brockville, Ontario. Favorite Ken Lupton has stopped favorites multiple times in the Lucas Oil GP-577 and with the exception of losing control at the Guntersville (Alabama) Regatta, an event sanctioned by the Grand Prix America, the Waverley (NZ) driver benefited from a fast and reliable machine.

His brother Jack Lupton took longer to go on ‘GP-33’ which arrived in Guntersville, June 25-26. The youngest of the family found the victorious group in the final when he easily won everything in a meeting that nevertheless didn’t count in the HRL rating.

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Quebecers can still produce surprises despite the superiority shown by the aforementioned trio. Campivallensien Yannick Léger has driven the Supernova GP-21 regularly since the start of hostilities and by completing the race on every outing, he climbed to 2e Position in the cumulative table. Yannick claims the podium thanks to his 3e Positions at Cambridge, Beauharnois and the entry-level Grand Prix will be able to occupy the inner lanes of Valleyfield after all of his driving restrictions are removed.

Marc LeCompte has been a victim of engine problems so far in his “Miss Cléopâtre” GP-104, and his retirement has taken him down to 5e place in the tournament. The veteran Salaberry-de-Valleyfield racer will still be at the wheel of a high-speed boat, as evidenced by his three qualifying victories as he completed his four “GP-104” laps.

Régates de Valleyfield will be an opportunity for the majority of aficionados to watch the first laps of Mario Blaine and Robin Demers in another new boat designed by Henderson. This is the “Canada Boy” GP-757 that was originally to be the “Grand Prix Valleyfield” GP-444 that Frank Richardson eventually sold to McMasterville in tandem.

We’ll also have to watch the ‘TM Special’ GP-35 driven by Bobby Kennedy and the ‘Bad Impact’ GP-79 driven by the formidable Jeff Bernard, of Kent (Washington). Ken Brodie II, installed at 4e There will be an arrangement with the “Freedom” GP-50, as well as Brandon Kennedy, who hopes the “Hearn Motorsports” GP-14 will have no more bugs.

The existence of Jimmy Shane (Megavolt GP-39) and Tom Thompson (Fat Chance GP-525) is uncertain due to delays in parts delivery and the complexities of crossing the Canadian border, respectively.

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2022 Grand Prix Ranking

Andrew Tate GP-777195 points

Yannick Leger GP-21159 Points

Ken Lupton GP-577133

Ken Brody II GP-50 91

Jacques Lupton GP-33 89

Marc Lecombet GP-104 88

Bobby Kennedy GP-35 86

Jeff Bernard GP-79 80

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