Steve Wozniak is also interested in space

Steve Wozniak is also interested in space

Always looking for the slightest novelty in existence, Steve Wozniak launches his own budding space project, called “Privateer”. The co-founder of Apple describes this new company as a “startup.” Unmatched », without further details and that’s where you get stuck, it’s just an advertising effect with no substance at the moment.

Tweet accompanied by View the video Sounds like a high-volume sci-fi movie trailer. It does not provide any accurate information, but we can discover an environmental topic.

It is expected that this new project of Steve Wozniak will be presented in more detail at the conference to be held this week in Hawaii,” Maui Advanced Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference “. a Press release The post in August talks about a company that cleans up space junk, a problem of growing concern because it can hit satellites. Curious people can subscribe to the newsletter at The company’s websiteAlso, very refined.

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