Hamish Bond, three-time New Zealand Olympic champion, stopped

Steve Hansen to save the Blacks’ first manager in an expulsion bench after two defeats

Former All Blacks coach Steve Hansen laments a lack of support from New Zealand’s rugby leaders for his successor, Ian Foster, on the bench of an expulsion after his two home defeats to Ireland.

There have been many rulings issued recently. (But) When was the last time New Zealand rugby did a soul-searching?asked the coach of the 2015 World Champions on Irish radio Today FM.

Following this string of historic defeats against the XV of Clover, New Zealand Rugby General Manager Mark Robinson described the All Blacks’ performance as “unacceptableThe coach was attacked by the press.

But if his two lieutenants, John Plumtree and Brad Moore, are fired, Ian Foster remains in place for rugby, the major nations’ championship in the Southern Hemisphere, which begins in August.

I haven’t seen them warm up so much… Ian Foster (…) and he’s a very good coachHansen, who was succeeded by Foster in early 2020 after serving as his deputy, said.

He shouldn’t be happy with the way things went, but I don’t think the problem is just internal to the team. Evil is more important than that‘ said Ian Hansen, who criticizes New Zealand’s rugby leaders who areUnpacking their soiled clothes in public, rather than unpacking with family“.

I don’t think they are doing their job properlyFired Hansen, before also defending Sam Kahn, was kept as captain of the All Blacks by Ian Foster although he was also shaken by criticism.

I remember in 2007 Richie McCaw was the worst captain we’ve ever had. After that, he became the best and the only one to win the World Cup twice“.

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Sam Kanye has often been injured but we know he is a good captain, we have to trust and support him (…) He is a very good player, he will come backEstimated Steve Hansen.

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