At 4:00 p.m. local time this Saturday, the polling tables outside officially began, starting with the peripheral country New Zealand, in Auckland.

This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Andres Allemand, Thus, the receipt of votes for the general elections scheduled to be held on the national territory on Sunday 21st.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was accompanied by the head of the constituency, Andres Tagle. Director of the organization, Raúl Garcia, and – through a live video conference – with Consul Maria Alejandra Farias
From Auckland, New Zealand, where the first polling station opened.

For this election, 71,000 citizens are authorized to vote in 113 places around the world. However, they will not be able to participate in parliamentarians or regional advisors.

According to the Chilean consul in Auckland, Maria Alejandra Farias, the first person to vote after 8:00 in New Zealand has been identified as Luz Vargas, 35. This city, he explained, is complying with health measures due to the delta variant outbreak of COVID-19.