Starfield: “Very good updates” will be announced “soon” |  X-Box

Starfield: “Very good updates” will be announced “soon” | X-Box

While the Fallout license has been on the minds of many players since the first season of the TV series aired on Prime Video, Bethesda clearly isn't forgetting about its latest production, Starfield. Last March, the space RPG received a new update, bringing some quality of life improvements, but above all, a lot of fixes. Players are of course waiting for big new features, but rest assured, they should be arriving soon.

'Very good updates' for Starfield will be announced 'soon'

During an interview conducted with IGNStarfield director Todd Howard said “some really good updates” will be announced “soon.” Since Bethesda has stated that updates will be released approximately every 6 weeks, it stands to reason that the next update will be available at the end of April or during May.

However, note that between the January and March updates, we actually had to wait 7 weeks. Also remember that Bethesda has a habit of offering updates in beta to game owners on Steam initially, and then rolling them out to all Xbox Series

Bethesda had indicated that new ways of traveling would be coming to the game, in addition to access to the city map. Ship customization should also be improved, with new decorations, building options, and “much more.”

The developers will also introduce new gameplay options for an easier or more difficult experience. It will allow you to easily customize transport capacity, cargo reach distance, ship damage, vendor credits, how you suffer, new survival mechanics, and much more.

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Official mod support will also arrive in 2024 with the launch of Creations. Starfield will have its own exporter and you will have access to a new creation toolkit.

Finally, Starfield's first expansion, Shattered Space, is expected this year and will feature new story content, new locations, new equipment, and “much more.”

Starfield is available on Xbox Series

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