Starfield has revealed a lot, but this gameplay element remains a mystery and players are a bit worried

Starfield has revealed a lot, but this gameplay element remains a mystery and players are a bit worried

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last week, Xbox + Starfield Showcase viewers (Bethesda) have discovered never-before-seen images from the highly anticipated Starfield. The production that takes place in space and through solar systems promises to be absolutely massive and this is what the players have witnessed. Developers had the opportunity to showcase everything from ship customization, to interstellar combat, to the most detailed character creation system ever in a Bethesda game.

on the “map” side, That’s more than 1,000 planets across four solar systems that will be explored. But while planetary exploration (once there) hasn’t been shown much, gamers are getting worried. Will the worlds be too “empty”?

How will planetary exploration go?

The Starfield demo showed a lot about the gameplay of the game, But not so much about planetary exploration. Besides some pictures and details of cities like New Atlantis, exploration in wild lands is not developed. This worries many users. This is because Starfield planets are procedurally generated, and from what we’ve seen so far, most of them aren’t fully populated with cities and NPCs, Except for a few aliens.

This means that NPC encounters written into RPG-like games may be missing from Starfield. These are just guesses, but some players are worried that it could lead to this Lonely hiking Its a desolate landscape full of aggressive wild animals and not much else.

Players are already thinking of solutions

on social networks, Discussions about this “vacuum” stirred up the community starfield. Some users mention fast travel points that may remedy this somewhat. Let’s say hypothetical explorers can quickly travel to their ship when needed, or between outposts they’ve built on a planet.

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Others argue that it will also be possible to create fast travel points, which players can place in order to obtain a teleportation point. By collecting the resources needed to establish themselves.

It’s possible that Bethesda is just waiting to reveal this feature closer to the game’s release date, but it’s also possible that they have no intention of including such a mechanic in the game at all. It’s not yet clear how Planetary Exploration will play, it’s still possible that player concerns could lead to the addition of this feature. Reminder, The game will be released on September 6th Pre-orders are already available on the official Starfield website!

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