Starfield: Bethesda is already revealing some new features for 2024!  |  Xbox One

Starfield: Bethesda is already revealing some new features for 2024! | Xbox One

Just two weeks after announcing that it had reached 12 million Starfield players, Bethesda has just announced that the number has now risen to 13 million. An opportunity for the studio to communicate about sequels and new features arriving in Starfield in 2024 and beyond.

Some new Starfield features mentioned by Bethesda before 2024

Without revealing too much because it’s important to maintain some mystery, Bethesda used the end of the year to thank players, but also to discuss some of the new features the teams are working on. “We’ve been working hard on everything coming to Starfield in 2024. Although we’re not ready to go into detail yet, here’s a look at what we’re planning.”

  • Bethesda remembered that Updates will come to Starfield every six weeks Approximately and it will start in February. These updates will include general improvements, content, and functionality.
  • We knew Starfield would offer new ways to travel, and Bethesda specifies that city maps will be accessible when exploring major cities. For those of you who enjoy shipbuilding, the teams announce that they will do just that Develop ship customization With new decorations, building options and “so much more.”
  • New game options will be implemented. With these new settings, you’ll be able to tweak your gameplay to achieve an easier or more difficult experience, which will go beyond the normal “difficulty” setting. These options will allow you to easily customize your transport capacity, cargo reach distance, ship damage, vendor credits, how you suffer, new survival mechanics, and much more as well.
  • Official mod support It will arrive in Starfield with the launch of Creations. Starting early next year, Starfield will have its own exporter and you’ll have access to a new creation toolkit. There’s no set date yet, but we’re keeping an eye on it.
  • first starfield expansion, Shattered spaceOf course it is still in development. It has been confirmed that it will be released in 2024 and will offer new story content, new locations, new equipment and “much more.”
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See you in 2024 on Xboxygen to discover all the details of the next new features in Starfield as well as its first expansion. Starfield remains available on Xbox Series

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