SSD for PS5, official models cost more than console: Prices

SSD for PS5, to increase memory, you end up buying the console again. Here are the prices.

PS5 SSD, exorbitant prices

The graphics and the smoothness of the game are very important elements Oftentimes, if both are improved to very high levels, it can give a video game life and experience that will be appreciated for years. For this reason, next-generation video games critically and clearly discuss what we have experienced so far, thanks to their fluidity at the highest level.

In particular, thanks SSD that are installed indoors Playstation 5 e Xbox Series X | S.The experience of many players has changed dramatically. The ability to run a video game smoothly on TV A 60 fps granite A real revolution for console gamers, who for the first time can experience what it means to own an SSD hard drive.

In particular, the Xbox Series X | s with a very specific and specific function FPS Boost, allowing users to access better game quality. In the list of console games I was able to turn to 120 fps In fact, the PS5 is dominated by Xbox, which still suffers a lot in that sense.

PS5 SSD, memory expansion prices are crazy

Meanwhile, Playstation has worked carefully with single To solve a very important problem, which is the ability to provide players with more storage space. While a little less than 625 GB available on SSD From the console it runs out pretty quickly, as other SSD things change.

A year after the official release for PS5, Playstation announced an official partnership with Segate to create additional hard drives, to be installed internally, to increase the available space. Obviously, the performance of these additional storage devices should match that of a stock SSD, so the cost is far from modest.

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“We’ve been doing some testing with Sony on PlayStation 5 and starting today we can confirm that FireCuda 530 Sony has announced, via its heatsink, that it meets all the requirements for the PS5.

PS5 SSDs are available in 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB sizes. The costs are:

150 euros for the 500 GB version
255 euros for 1 TB version
500 euros for a 2 TB version.
1000 euros for 4 TB.

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The costs are very high, and hopefully they will come down very soon, pending official Sony components.

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