Square Enix will release RPG Valkyrie Elysium on September 29, 2022 - News

Square Enix will release RPG Valkyrie Elysium on September 29, 2022 – News

The unexpected and long-awaited return of the franchise that has only three episodes on consoles and one on mobile, Valkyrie Elysium Choose an Action-RPG mode that breaks away from the systems you’ve been through in previous episodes. The game was also developed by the Japanese studio Soleil, known for its action games (Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Ninjala).

whether Valkyrie Elysium Telling the story of Maria, the new green-eyed Valkyrie, and thus does not present itself as a direct sequel, it is always a matter of combat in a twilight setting against the backdrop of Ragnarok, the apocalypse that announces the end of the north. The kingdoms in these legends are known. Here, Odin’s envoy must oppose Fenrir, a wolf who heralds the end of the world for whom a mysterious dark-skinned rival Valkyrie is working. One notable detail, Motoi Sakuraba, who performed one of his most remarkable works with the first Valkyrie’s Profile In 1999, he was called to take care of music.

Compared to the previous video, this second trailer lets you discover the fighting front with its metrics and shortcuts, but also a certain number of Einherjars, characters with a rather tragic fate who will fight (at least for a moment) the protagonist to give her elemental rewards, not to mention some pretty atrocities as bosses. . Besides the system that seems to value combos, fans will undoubtedly appreciate the cinematic presentation of special attacks (arts of the gods), such as the icon Nibelung Valeste.

Let’s finish with some very good news, which is that Valkyrie Profile Lenneth Port (PSP) will also be available on September 29th on PS5 and PS4. Packed with new features (rewind, quick save, visual filters), the game will also be included as a bonus in the Valkyrie Elysium Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes early access to the full game and the Svartaljr sword, all for €84.99 (the standard edition costs €69.99 at PlayStation and €59.99 on Steam). Finally, the PS5 upgrade will be free for those who purchase the game on PS4.

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