Spotify expands the option to add videos to podcasts for more users

Spotify expands the option to add videos to podcasts for more users

Paris, April 21 (Benin News / August) –

spotify Announced the extension of the option to add video to podcasts to creators in five select markets, who will be able to upload visual content to the platform through Anchor.

In October 2021, the company began enabling video streaming for creators on a limited basis, providing listeners in these countries with a video streaming service. Listeners can see the picture Content streaming application.

This tool is provided by anchor, Its free platform that allows you to easily create and edit these files.

suits the audience grew As this format grew, the platform considered expanding it and announced that it is now available to all creators at: United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia there United kingdom.

« Video on Spotify In the background to all listeners, But they can immerse themselves in this content whenever they want, or just listen to it,” Spotify said in a statement.

In addition to announcing that this option is now available in these countries, the company has unveiled a number of new features that it was intending to Helping creative people succeed.

In doing so, he indicated that Spotify podcast subscriptions will also be available for video podcasts, or allow creators to do so. Control their liquefaction models By creating exclusive content.

Additionally, he commented on his partnership with riverside, remote recording platform With this integration, creators will be able to freely record and publish video content for streaming on Spotify through Anchor.

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Now too, when Podcast episode included With a video, it will play directly from there, while Bulk video replacement A feature that allows you to replace audio loops with video versions of the app’s interface.

On the other hand, content creators will have access to the number of plays and the age of the content. The performance of their videos On Spotify, the information that will allow them to better understand their audience.

Finally, the company made it clear that it plans to introduce interactive functions To these podcasts, such as polls or questions and answers, to generate communication between creators and listeners.

It is currently unknown if Spotify will implement this option in Spain, although in writing this article it indicated that it plans to do so in other markets. ” In the future “.

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