Sports Story: Surprise Christmas release turns sad – News

Sports Story: Surprise Christmas release turns sad – News

Between the disappointing technical achievement to the point of struggling to reach 30fps and, more importantly, the large number of bugs that prevent some players from progressing in the adventure, through inconsistent dialogues and impossible interactions with certain objects or characters, it’s an understatement to say that sports story It didn’t have the debut we’d expected, particularly from a game that Nintendo promoted on its Indie World show.

All SOS screams

As his name indicates, sports story Concept based Golf storyIt is a mixture of a role-playing game and a sports game, but with the ambition to spread its systems over a variety of disciplines rather than focusing on a single sport. If the sidebar games have been working since the game was released on the first patch to rectify the situation, the state it is in sports story It came out showing that the development team was overwhelmed with ambitions.

In this context, discovering a hidden room within the game adds an important gray area to development circumstances. Inside this room where the team is busy developing a game called “GALF,” workers give the visitor a series of responses that seem less connected to a coded message than a cry for help. We are already seeing an exchange of dialogue between some developers, particularly an author and a programmer, quarreling over a lack of vision, refusing responsibility for missing functionality, or conversely lamenting that they want to do too much work. Excerpts:

One could say that we are living in a turbulent evolution.
You could also say that someone kept asking for new features and my original vision no longer exists.
You could even say that we should have made the game work instead of adding features.
The list is still not working!
They told me it was fixed. Should I report it again?
It’s hard to write stories. I have started more than 10 times and it seems to be getting worse.
We should probably remove all the boss fights now.

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Along with the fact that sports story Came out in such tatters, it’s hard to think that the dialogues in this hidden room satisfy the simple desire to do some humor about the difficulties of developing a video game. No Sidebar Games member has expanded on this issue at this time, while the First correction The game is still awaiting certification from Nintendo. Posted by a user, the video below shows how to access the hidden room as well as its contents.

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