Sports Festival Luna Rossa arrives in Trento: "Ready for another cup"

Sports Festival Luna Rossa arrives in Trento: “Ready for another cup”

Skipper Max Serena will be on stage with Nobili and Prezi: “Flying boat will not change, crew can shrink”

They were the protagonists of Luna Rossa Nights from Auckland. We will find them on the platform of the Sports Festival in Trento (Friday, October 8, from 6 pm) talking about the America’s Cup. The oldest regatta in the world, but also the most complex and difficult to conquer. The cup that Italy touched, but so far has not managed to overcome it. “When I think about the final races against Team New Zealand, I think we could have won another couple – says captain Max Serena – and so I feel a little bit sorry, but then I also think what they showed in this race is that they had something more than us in the speed boat So in the end they were going to win anyway. They were pretty good at putting a high performance boat in the water. And as usual, they used the go first feature in the design.”


The magic of this event (in our country it has been very popular since the Azzura debuted in 1983 in Newport with Cino Ricci and Mauro Pelaschier) is that whoever wins is the one who sets the rules. And nine times out of ten I managed to impose it on all competitors. In fact, looking at the next release, #37, we still know very little to start planning work. “We have general ideas of what’s going to happen. The boat will basically stay the same, flying, but maybe the crew will be reduced by 2 or 3 units and from 11 to 8, so that could mean a big change.. We have pretty much the specific design team, but until the New Zealanders decide Delivering the news, there’s no point in going to work – Max Serena explains -. We also have ready agreements with sailors, but that makes a big difference if we’re going to be competing in 2025, 2023 or 2024. It’s better to wait for the official announcement and then plan our commitment. Moving early means Risking wasting time and money. There’s no longer an exact date to announce, but I think the Grant Dalton team will do so by mid-November. However, again, nothing is final.”

your location

How much is the location uncertain. “I don’t really know how to make any predictions about what they will announce. They talk about 4 places as Auckland returns to the indicators. The debate that has been going on in New Zealand in recent days whether to keep the cup or let you go play abroad, I think there is still Winner. What I think you can say is that when there are these discussions and it takes a long time, the value of the end product (the America’s Cup in this case) usually goes down. Ireland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand. I expect everything. But if it is true that some The sites indicated are ready to offer twice as much as Auckland, so I think it is difficult to keep the trophy among the New Zealanders.. Anyway it is better to wait and surprises are on the agenda.” Like the ones Luna Rossa wants to do to her fans in the upcoming release…

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