Sports Celebration Ceremony – Thibaut Nice happy to win ‘most beautiful trophy’ an athlete can have

Thibaut Nice received the Belgian Hope of the Year on Sunday at Schelle at the Sports Gala. The cyclist rejoiced, the European champion hopes “It’s the most beautiful sports trophy you can have, I find it very beautiful”.

Sport Gala - Thibau Nys was happy to win "best armor" that an athlete can get

Last year, Nice took second place in the poll, ahead of Charles de Kettlery. “Plus, I finished second on the basis of my XC season and here I confirmed on the road, as I wasn’t expecting much. I played in my victory I guess.” Ness thinks “the road season has been great,” but regrets not being able to continue that momentum in cross-country. “My next goal is to get to my best level in XC, and that’s the most important thing. I think it’s all about percentages and details now.” His father, Sven Ness, was named Sportsman of the Year in 2008. “I’m still far from it, but of course he’s happy that I was able to win this cup and I’m so proud of it,” smiled Thibaut Ness. Shane McLeod, mentor of the Olympic champion Red Lions, was honored with the second Coach of the Year award. “I’ve learned this great piece of information that I’m Coach of the Year,” the New Zealander, who has taken a year off, said in a video message. “It’s a great honor. We’ve had a great season with a great group. The staff is not just one person, but so many people I’ve been happy to work with.” (Belga)

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