[Sport] Olympics 2020: Hassan and Ait Said in the program, the Olympic spirit is at stake

[Sport] Olympics 2020: Hassan and Ait Said in the program, the Olympic spirit is at stake

On a tartan and in the gym, Dutchman Sivan Hassan and France’s Samir Ait Said are pursuing their Olympic dream, but the Tokyo Games will have to deal with the interventions of international politics and societal issues on Monday.

Sports, politics and society echo “Faster, Higher, Stronger,” the Olympic motto.
In the evening, on the Olympic Stadium, the Dutchwoman Sivan Hasan launched the first stage of an unprecedented and troubling trilogy in the long and middle distances (1500, 5,000 and 10,000 metres) which would add to her record already made but also to doubts to accompany him since the suspension His former coach, Alberto Salazar.
She starts on Monday, with the 5000m final (9:40pm local time, 2:40pm in France).

The 28-year-old Dutch woman exudes an incredible sense of comfort, has a great finish, and is able to disgust her competitors on the train. She brilliantly achieved the 1500m and 10,000m races in Doha for the world in 2019.
She looks so superior that she also questions her slender shoulders, especially since her former American coach Alberto Salazar, a teacher on the Nike-backed Oregon Project, was suspended for “inciting” doping in 2019.
In the morning, Greece’s Miltiadis Tentoglou capped his last long attempt (8.41m), while Puerto Rican Jasmine Camacho Quinn dominated the 100m hurdles (12.37), ahead of American world record holder Kendra Harrison (12.52m). ).

– Transgender

As for the sport itself, we will therefore hold onto the Olympic rings on Monday with flag bearer Samir Ait Said.
Five years after Rio, the gymnast wants to get rid of this bad memory brought back from Brazil, where he broke his leg on his back.
“I’m not leaving on a stretcher, but at my last!” He cried angrily for joy on Saturday after qualifying.
Japan and the International Olympic Committee also woke up on Monday to a sensitive sports diplomacy issue that must be dealt with.
Belarusian player Kristina Tsimanoskaya said she was “safe” on Sunday night, after she claimed she was forced to withdraw from the Games and threatened with forced departure from Japan for criticizing her federation on social media.
The incident comes as the regime of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko continues a crackdown on dissidents, journalists and activists, hoping to permanently eradicate the historic 2020 protest movement against his re-election for a fifth term.

Social issues will also be on the day’s programme, with New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard in the +87kg weightlifting competition for the first transgender woman to compete in the Olympics.
Born Hubbard, 43, she competed in the male youth categories before beginning the transition to becoming a female at around the age of 30.
It became a female selectable after meeting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) criteria for transgender athletes.
However, his presence in Tokyo sparked a complex debate about issues of bioethics, human rights, science, equity and identity in sport.
Hubbard’s supporters believe that qualifying for the Olympics represents a victory for inclusivity and transgender rights.
But others see her as having an unfair advantage over her rivals due to physical abilities inherited from decades as a man.
On the French side, Compa Laroc was defeated from the very beginning in freestyle wrestling in the -68 kg category.
The French equestrian team can be in the spotlight with showjumping in the event, individual as well as in teams.

We will also learn more about the fate of the women’s basketball and handball teams: the morning handball players qualified for the quarter-finals by controlling Brazil (29-22), while the basketball players faced the United States (1:40 pm). local, 6:40 a.m. in France).

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