Spain overtakes New Zealand and leaves its bad start behind

Spain overtakes New Zealand and leaves its bad start behind

  • The “Red Stick” advanced with a score of 2-0, and when the surrounding people cut the differences, they knew how to defend themselves well

The Spanish women’s hockey team calendar in Olympic Championship The beat New Zealand 2-1 In their third match in Group B, a result that put them provisionally in fourth, and last to reach the quarter-finals. With two defeats in their first two games (3-1 against Australia and 3-0 against Argentina), beleaguered Adrian Lock (Covid positive) needed to straighten out Oi Hockey so their situation in the group that ranks fourth out of six in the Quarter-finals.

The meeting started off well for Spain. at 6 Belen Iglesias He took advantage of the noise inside the New Zealand area to cross the ball into the net. After examining the play by video, Argentine referee Carolina de la Fuente agreed to the goal. Lola Rira The difference increased in the 22nd minute by converting a corner kick with a powerful kick. The fighting spirit was paying off for the Spanish woman, who fought for every ball.

New Zealand shrank at the start of the second half and found a prize in the 35th minute with a goal from it Olivia Meri, who finished a pass obtained from the end of one meter of the line.

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7 minutes before the end of the match, Maria Ruiz managed to score Megan Hall’s penalty kick, and in the 59th minute Olivia Meri threw another. The mark is no longer moving.

Spain, who won the Olympic title in Barcelona 92, has finished fourth since at Sydney 2000 as the best result.

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