SpaceX – Discover Hollywood Video of Starship's Amazing Fourth Flight

SpaceX – Discover Hollywood Video of Starship's Amazing Fourth Flight

The fourth launch of the spacecraft is titled Hollywood Video.

That was last June: the fourth test flight of the most powerful rocket ever built, the rocket capable of returning Americans to the moon decades after the Apollo program. A real success, this fourth launch was well worth the wait. Live broadcast For 10 hours, but just to make things short and more impressive, SpaceX yesterday released a 2 minute and 40 second video summarizing the mission (almost as long as the first test launch, that's how far we've come).

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Hollywood video

There is something to believe in Hollywood. This short video shows how successful the company dedicated to Elon Musk's conquest of space is. We see 32 Raptor engines ignite in unison (one of them fails, without consequences), and then the giant 5,000-ton rocket takes off into the sky. Reusable, the first stage (or booster) detaches to fall towards the Gulf of Mexico (all while simulating a landing, although without the tower that is supposed to greet it from the next launch test). The previous test had shown some flaws, as communication with the SpaceX vehicle was lost at an altitude of 400 meters. This time, the images broadcast showed the perfect mastery of the operation, as evidenced by the screams of joy emitted by the SpaceX teams.

Spacecraft in the starting blocks for fifth launch

Spacecraft at starting point for fifth launch… coming soon.

All the while, the spacecraft (or ship) continued its path through near space in a ballistic trajectory. Then it began its return to Earth following the planned pattern. Finally, one hour and five minutes after takeoff, the ship was able to land softly. Thus, this important moment in the conquest of space can be relived thanks to the SpaceX YouTube account, and there is no doubt that the following tests must now follow one another to allow astronauts to reach the Moon by 2026, even if this timetable is limited. Very bold.

A new launch is also supposed to happen very soon: if we are to believe SpaceX, it could happen as early as July, with the ship catching up mid-flight near the Mechazilla tower.

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