Spacewalking pushed backwards due to a pinched nerve

Two astronauts were supposed to have gone into space on Tuesday, August 24. But NASA, which raised a medical problem for one of the astronauts, preferred to push it back. We now know more about the reasons for this delay.

A nerve stuck in the neck. US astronaut Mark Vande Hey revealed on twitter This prevented him from conducting a spacewalk that was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 with his Japanese colleague Hoshidi Akihiko (JAXA). NASA had already announced the day before it would abandon space operations outside the International Space Station (ISS) due to a “minor medical problem” affecting the astronaut.

This small problem, if painful, is not very serious (it can go away with rest); But he justified the postponement of the spacewalk. The goal, scheduled for 6.30 hours, was to prepare for the installation of a new solar panel intended to power the International Space Station.

NASA has not yet set a new release date. But since it is not urgent, it may be postponed for several weeks.

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