Space: Traveling at the speed of light may soon become possible

Space: Traveling at the speed of light may soon become possible

A new study suggests that warp drives, which theoretically allow travel at close to the speed of light, could soon become a reality.

Technological advances are crucial when it comes to spacecraft propulsion methods. Many companies are trying to innovate in this area, and one even claims that they can A propellant proposal that does not require any form of fuel for work. from his side, The US Air Force is designing a nuclear-powered ship.

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However, despite the power of these systems, Certain distances are almost unattainable nowadays. For example, it would take several thousand years to reach the star closest to our sun, Proxima Centauri, which is located about 4.24 light-years from our planet.

A technique that is difficult to master

So the only way to cover these impressive distances in a reasonable time is warp drive, which will allow this Propel spaceships by distorting the fabric of space-time. However, this technology, largely theoretical, has always been relegated to science fiction.

In fact, warp drives are like that It is extremely difficult to reconcile with current laws of physics. But that doesn't seem to be holding back a startup called Applied Physics, which has been studying the concept for several years now.

Jared Fox, Ph.D., physicist and principal scientist in applied physics, conducted what the company calls “ Historical study The latest, published in the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity, confirms this Warp drives are indeed possible.

Jared Fox says: This study will be a game-changer when it comes to warp drives […] By showcasing a unique design, we've shown that warp drives may not be just science fiction. »

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However, the study specifies thisSuch technology would require a huge amount of energy, it is impossible to obtain it in the present state of our knowledge. The scientist adds: Although such a design requires a significant amount of energy, it demonstrates that distortion effects can be achieved without the need for exotic forms of matter. “Gianni Martier, CEO of Applied Physics, confirms: “ We are not yet ready for interstellar travel “.

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