Space: The James Webb Telescope will provide the "deeper" picture of the universe

Space: The James Webb Telescope will provide the “deeper” picture of the universe

It is unprecedented! NASA will discover “The deepest picture of our universe ever taken” On July 12, thanks to its new James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched last December, said Bill Nelson, head of the US agency. “It is beyond anything mankind has ever looked at.”Cheer up at the Space Telescope Science Institute, Wednesday, June 29th. “It will explore the bodies of the solar system and the atmospheres of exoplanets orbiting other stars, giving us clues as to whether the atmospheres are similar to ours.”

So, on July 12, NASA will announce the first spectroscopic analysis of distant planets – such as the first galaxies, which formed only a few hundred million years after the Big Bang, and exoplanets – from the James Webb Telescope, which is able to look much further. There is more in the universe than any telescope before it thanks to its massive main mirror, and instruments that receive infrared signals, allowing it to peer through clouds of dust. Spectroscopy is actually a tool that allows knowing the chemical and molecular composition of distant objects, and in the case of a planet, it can help determine its atmosphere, detect the presence of water or analyze its soil.

According to Nestor Espinosa, an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, spectroscopy of exoplanets has so far been very limited, compared to what the James Webb Telescope can do now. “It’s like you’re in a very dark room and only have a small hole to look through.” He explained the current technology, while with this new telescope, “A huge window opens, you can see all the small details.”

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