Space: James Webb, The Space Telescope for All Hopes

Space: James Webb, The Space Telescope for All Hopes


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James Space Telescope Takeoff web It was postponed again due to weather conditions. After 25 years of operation, this binoculars has been the most strong as ever I imagined, it could usher in a new era in understanding the universe.

mosques web is telescope all superlatives: 25 years of operation, 10,000 people participated, and the initial cost tripled. Project Titanic collects AmericansEuropeans and Canadians. Its main asset is a 6.5 meter mirror. It will allow it to observe stars a hundred times less bright than the previous Hubble telescope. mosques web It will monitor the universe in infrared, to see through the enormous shadows of gas and dust, and reveal entire regions of the universe.

Astrophysicists will also be able to go back in time and observe the formation of the first galaxies. They will see the most distant and older stars, now extinct and whose light was emitted more than 13 billion years ago. Finally, James web It could speed up the study of exoplanets. It will be possible to determine the composition of their atmosphere and clouds and detect the presence of water, with the hope of finding a planet similar in size to Earth, which could harbor life. Before, he would have to make a long journey, in order to settle 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. If all goes as planned can be able Operating for ten years.

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