Space: India hopes to send a machine to the moon in 2023

India’s space agency suffered a painful failure in 2019, losing contact with the lander shortly after its landing. But this person intends to take a second test, as of next year …

The mission was originally scheduled to launch this year, But it seems that the agency will have to postpone the launch to 2023. In fact, S. Somanath, head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), told Indian news channel NewsX that the Chandrayaan 3 moon lander is still in the assembly stage. The director added it Teams are currently testing vital systemsWhich means the launch, previously scheduled for August, could be pushed back until next year.

Chandrayaan-2 – Credit: ISRO

Moon mission: India’s space agency wants to avoid second failure

It seems that The agency is doing its best not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Thus S. Somanath says: “We’re currently testing the payment system because, you know, the last time we had a problemThe official thus refers to the 2019 Chandrayaan 2 mission, which included an orbiter, lander and rover. The lunar probe has been successfully operating for more than two years, But the Vikram lander had a hard landing. In fact, the thruster experienced a major failure at the last minute.

So the ISRO is in the process of To improve the design of the following unit drives. Agency says:We are making a change to the payment system. Tested at Mahendragiri Liquid Propulsion Center […] Teams test integration of propulsion systems, computer and sensors. “

The Chandrayaan 3 mission includes a new probe and a new probe, but no orbiter, The agency already has a business model in orbit. Like Chandrayaan 2, the mission is expected to target a subpolar landing area and will operate for one lunar day — 14 Earth days — at the surface. Actually, The rover will not be able to survive in the bitter cold of a lunar night. There are other missions already underway on our satellite, such as the Chinese rover Yutu 2, which regularly sends us images of the dark side of the moon.

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