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Space exhibitions during Expo 2020

If you are planning to go to Expo 2020 which will be held in Dubai from 1he is From October 2021 to March 31st 2022, know that the area of ​​space is going to be well represented and that you can see many great things there:

– Replica of the Falcon 9 booster, the famous SpaceX rocket, still 43 meters high,

– Moonstones, which were returned to Earth as part of the Apollo missions,

– Chess was on the Moon thanks to the Soyuz 3 and Soyuz 4 rockets between 1968 and 1969. It is also a particularly acclaimed game by Russian cosmonauts during their various missions in space,

– In the navigation pavilion will be the “Mars Corridor”, which details how the Emirates managed, last February, to land the “Hope” probe on Mars, which is a real pride for the state,

A replica of one of the robots NASA sent to Mars will also be available, although there is no indication yet on which robot it will be. As a reminder, this year the country launched its most sophisticated robot on Mars, called Perseverance, whose mission on the Red Planet is expected to cost about $2.2 billion,

– The Russian pavilion will also put space in the spotlight as we must find there a replica of the first satellite launched by the former Soviet Union: Sputnik!

– In the Italian pavilion, a robotic arm will be displayed that will soon be used to take samples of Martian soil,

– A 360-degree show around the space will also be shown on the Al Wasl Dome, one of the central structures of the exhibition site,

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– It is also possible that other than “things”, people closely associated with the space sector can also celebrate Expo 2020 with their presence, such as Thomas Pesquet, French astronaut, patron of the Pavillon de France, who is currently aboard the International Space Station for 6 monthly missions, his second On the International Space Station elsewhere.

Note that October 5 and 6 will be days dedicated to this topic and that many speakers will take the floor to review the main missions organized in the space so far and share their experiences.

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