Space emission.  "What do you do for a sport in space?"  10-year-old Manase asks Thomas Pesquet

Space emission. “What do you do for a sport in space?” 10-year-old Manase asks Thomas Pesquet

June 19, 2020. Thomas Pesquet trains in Houston, Texas, in preparation for his new “Alpha” mission. (Illustration) (Bill Stafford / NASA / AFP)

Space Show Wets Shirt This Week! From space, Thomas Pescet followed him and celebrated the recent victory of the rugby players at the Toulussen Stadium in the European Championship, his “favorite club”.

But the astronaut is not satisfied with following the athletes from afar from the International Space Station, he must maintain his fitness in space and this requires a good dose of adaptation! In this new episode of Space emissionThis is the topic that sparks CM2’s interest at Léonard de Vinci in Massey this week …

It was 10-year-old Louise who asked the first question: “Do you exercise in the morning to start the day?” The student asks CM2. Thomas Pesquet explains:Every day we have two and a half hours of exercise. “That could happen in the morning or some other time but is well planned into her schedule, as it is for schoolchildren. “It is important for us to stay in shape, otherwise we lose a lot of muscle and bone mass and we will go back to Earth in a bad condition so we have to do that. “

Manaceae, 10, wonders what sport an astronaut does in space. Thomas Pisquet immediately warns: “There aren’t many varieties, Because there is no sports field or swimming pool on the International Space Station! However, astronauts can count on appropriate equipment: First, the weighing machine “To work out the biceps, back muscles, legs, shoulders, etc.” but also Bike Float, Suspended, Slightly Hanging On The Wall With Shock Absorber And one Wall Mounted Conveyor Belt To which the astronauts have been hung with ribbons “So as not to fly” ! A group of exercises “A little repetitive” For six months, the astronaut admits.

10-year-old Owen: eWhen you exercise, do weights fly? ” Impossible because there is no weight in space, as Thomas Pesquet says: You cannot do weight training exercises like you would on the ground. Weights do not require any effort from us to lift them. “ The astronaut smiles. To compensate, Thomas Pesquet practices a machine using the force of pressure, a machine “a stranger” Designed for space and called ARED.

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Finally, Liu, 10, closed the show by asking: “Are you exercising in the air because of weightlessness?” For example, while sitting or squeezing. The astronaut’s response: “Yes, we play sports in the air but we have a few special systems. We are always connected,” A.By using some kind of seat belt, which is not always comfortable to exercise freely, he tells the astronaut to end this show.

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