Space colonization can lead to cannibalism

Space colonization can lead to cannibalism

The conquest of space is the dream of many people and scientific progress brings us closer to this saga every year. But it may be more dangerous than we imagine. Future space colonists may already have difficulties providing food, which could lead them to resort to cannibalism. This possibility was pointed out by Professor of Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, Charles Cockell, in interview with metro.

It lists the challenges astronauts would face if humans attempted to colonize places such as Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, and Saturn’s moon Titan. Charles Cookeil points out that if the imagined devices of farming and farming failed, the food supply would depend solely on food from planet Earth. But if settlers are too far away – or if the land collapses completely – that scenario becomes out of the question.

Tests on the Moon and Mars

Charles as an agent does not seek to panic anyone and his warning is based on a story dating back to 1845. At the time, Sir John Franklin’s crew He goes on an arctic exploration mission and tries “Look for a way to the northwest of the globe, [naviguant] On boats from the end of the nineteenth centurye century – which turned out to contain the most advanced technology of that timeThe astronomer explains. They had canned food [une innovation en 1845] But they got lost, stranded and engaged in cannibalism ” between them to survive.

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With his dark anticipation, Charles as an agent wants to send a warning message. Farming systems will need to be tested and improved on places like the Moon or Mars before space colonization begins. “If you throw twenty people hundreds of millions of miles from Earth into a lethal environment instantly on the surface of the moon, you better be sure that it will work,” He recommends, Because if it doesn’t, it will collapse very quickly.”

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