Space: China has sent its robot to Mars

Space: China has sent its robot to Mars



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The first Chinese robot has arrived Mars Friday night 14 to Saturday 15 May. Beijing’s space ambitions have no limits now.

The Chinese vehicle landed on Friday night the 14th to Saturday May 15th Mars. Successful trial run. Before them, the Americans, Russians and Europeans faced many failures. On the probe, a 240-kilogram robot was named Zorong, Will begin its three-month geological mission. The Zhurong robot is above all an automated geologist on wheels. He’s not going to return any samples, he’s going to the site to study with the camera, the infrared spectrometers, and he also has a laser system to analyze the composition of the rocks, and a radar to check the soil near his wheels and so he tried to better understand what happened on Mars.Francois explains Forget, Planetary scientist and CNRS researcher.

Zorong Landed in The virtuous city Planetia In the northern hemisphere, it is not far from Determination, Rover from NASA For three months, he was looking for evidence of a previous life. Zorong He just draws a map Strip however The Chinese show their ambitions: Angry Mars, Their target is also the moon. After the lunar robots, they want to send men to manned bases.

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