space .  A "very impressive" meteor in the sky of Dijon and Chatillon-sur-Seine on Thursday evening

space . A “very impressive” meteor in the sky of Dijon and Chatillon-sur-Seine on Thursday evening

“A bright glow at high speed, moving from east to west, as if it were a meteor,” “Very low meteor over Messigny-et-Vantoux,” “A friend called me because he was coming to see it from the Dijon station and it was very impressive” …

On Thursday evening, a number of readers contacted us after witnessing an impressive phenomenon that, according to the first testimonies, was very clear in the sky of the district.

And indeed, a meteorite fall was observed on Thursday at 20:23 in northeastern France. Que ce soit à Belfort, Epinal, en Alsace ou à Dijon et Châtillon-sur-Seine, les caméras du réseau Fripon chargées de surveiller le ciel et de détecter les chutes de météàorites, ont to détectéun lece d specific.

On Thursday evening, very little information was available about this new meteor that appeared in the sky of the department barely more than 24 hours after another. In fact, on Wednesday at 5:34 a.m., a “very bright and fast” car was seen in the sky over the Cote d’Or.

More information on Friday morning on our website

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