Soyaux: amateur theater in competition at Espace Matisse

Soyaux: amateur theater in competition at Espace Matisse

A two-day program comprised of eclectic, powerful themes that resonate, such as exile, reunion, social comedy, and a blend of cultures. Love and friendship are also invited and they will impress the audience with humor, tenderness and irony. Only one band will be out of the competition: Hérisson Volant de Poitiers. The actors will perform a play fires Which won the general prize at the national level in 2021. “Having been forced to cancel two editions, we are impatient to welcome the artists and rediscover the atmosphere of the festival. We have an impressive assortment of pieces with committed touches »Patrick Noblecourt, in charge of communications at Festhéa, rejoices.

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Saturday May 21. 2 p.m.: “When Will China Call the Phone” by Comparaz Art (17); 5 p.m.: “Korean reunification” at Lumber Theater (17); 9 p.m.: “Incendies” Lou Herison Volant (86).
Sunday 22 May. Two o’clock: “The Big Girls” by Saojon Comedy (17); 5 p.m.: “Crève l’oseille” at the Théâtre Entre’ouvert (16); 7 p.m.: Results announced.
Prices: the first offer 6 euros, the second 4 euros. Fast food and bar on site. The Saturday evening corporate meal is open to all by reservation. (12 euros). Information: 06 86 01 93 75.

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