South Africa-New Zealand: Insults are flying!

South Africa-New Zealand: Insults are flying!

Rassie Erasmus, the great architect of South Africa’s new coronation, has once again shown his dark side on social media…

Rassie Erasmus strikes again. A key man in the Springboks’ World Cup triumph, the South African director of rugby, who is preparing to return to his coaching role following the departure of Jack Nienaber to Leinster, tweeted a scathing new tweet as South Africa wrapped up their celebrations for their fourth World Championship title. This time, it was a New Zealand journalist who bore the blame.

“Well, I don’t know if you’re a real person, And so Rassie launched Erasmus towards Ben Smith. But you need to stop shaming New Zealand with your tweets. Grow up man and see if you still have some balls that will show you off and help you become a little more of a man or woman. » The attack came after a previous response in which the South African used the pronoun she (elle) towards him. A way to do things that is as sexist as it is misogynistic.

If Rassie Erasmus attacked the New Zealand journalist, it was because of his criticism of the simple game of the Springboks and their journey, which was marked by a “miraculous comeback” or extremely favorable circumstances such as the final, which was marked by the elimination of Sam Keane in the tournament. The first period.

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