Soulja Boy, will soon be the first rapper in space?

Soulja Boy, will soon be the first rapper in space?

Over the past few weeks, Soulja Boy has made it his mission to remind the world of all the things he did first.. Whether you are the number one rapper on YouTube or the number one rapper talking about cryptocurrencyCoinage, Soulja Boy wanted to prove that he is a prolific artist, creator of new trends. His influence in the rap game was praised by many of his peers.. So it should come as no surprise that Soulja is constantly striving to push boundaries..

In a tweet posted on Sunday to Elon Musk, Soulja Boy wants to become the first rapper to go... in the space ! “Make me the first rapper in space” ARWrites for the President of Space X. Astronaut Solja, it’s clearly something we want to see !

Musk has several projects in space

Elon Musk is used to this fact. The space genius is also working with Tom Cruise for Directing the actor’s next movie in space. This will be the first new shot of Agent Elon Musk.

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