Soudal Open: The thrill is guaranteed before the final round!

Soudal Open: The thrill is guaranteed before the final round!

It will now take a small prodigy for Thomas Peters to win the Soudal Open, which takes place at the Antwerp Arena at Rinkefen International. The last Belgian player to compete in this tournament from the DP World Tour, had to be satisfied, this Saturday, with a tie card (72) during the third round. In the general classification, he is now 8 strokes behind New Zealander Ryan Fox, an impressive third-round author of 66 and six birds in his last 8 holes.

Faithful to his mood and in support of his supporters, Peters once again put on a show during this “touching day”. After 9 digs, he collected three birds and seemed to be heading toward the “climb” that he had his secret to. Unfortunately, the double bogey on the 10th hole (the hardest on the field) slowed his lead. Especially as he immediately waived a new Double Specter on the fourteenth after sending his leadership into the waters danger. Fortunately, he ended up with a wonderful bird on the eighteenth day, only to be greeted by many in the audience who only had eyes.

Well almost! Because the young and talented Ukrainian Lev Greenberg – a member of Rinkevin – also had his fans. And for good reason. At the age of 14, the Kyiv native, who has settled in Belgium for several years, on Friday became the youngest player in history to ever skip the cut during a European Tour tournament.

Under pressure during the third round, he logically lost ground, signing a 76er card with an unfortunate triple bogey on hole 9. But he can clearly be so proud of his performance that he will never forget. Trained in Belgium where he participated in all the junior competitions from an early age, Grinberg clearly has a good career ahead of him, like his great rival and friend Hugo Duquaine (Rigenée), a big hope in the Belgian swing with whoever shares the most victories.

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Sunday’s fourth round, however, is expected to be exciting and unfinished. At the top of the leaderboard are already a whopping 25 players in the six-movement space. Already the winner of two DP World Tour tournaments (including this year’s Ras Al Khaimah Classic), Ryan Fox, 35, looks very strong. But England’s Sam Horsfield and Germany’s Yannick Paul are in his wake. Other foreigners can return, such as Paraguay Fabrizio Zanotti or Spain’s Jorge Campello.

In any case, the Rinkevin track lives up to all its promises and defends itself well. Featuring trees and water obstacles, technical and full of traps, it forces players to put their balls down and show strategy. No doubt, here, driving the dominant wheel under penalty of immediate scorecard.

In short, the thrill is guaranteed on the last lap. From the start of the tournament, the audience flocks along the aisles. Their number is expected to increase this Sunday as a new sunny day appears in the background!

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