Sore throat and dry cough - Corona or an allergy to pollen?

Sore throat and dry cough – Corona or an allergy to pollen?

Since the beginning of February with high temperatures, It is the first pollen in the air. Allergy sufferers feel the first reaction. Typical examples of a pollen allergy are bouts of sneezing, itching, and watery and watery red eyes or itchy eyes on the roof of the mouth, nose, and ears. Atypical symptoms of Covid 19 disease. However, not all of them react in the same way to pollen count.

So if you feel an itchy throat or have a dry cough, you can quickly become unsure of whether it’s a Corona infection after all. Especially for the reason that the symptoms of corona vary greatly from one case to another.

Anyone who has already had frequent allergic reactions to pollen usually knows the symptoms. If you then take an anti-allergic agent, the symptoms should also be relieved. If this happens, it is likely to be a Covid-19 infection, according to reports “20 minutes”.

Serena de Zordo, head of specialized services at the Swiss Center for Allergy, explained to the newspaper how to differentiate the symptoms of Corona and hay fever. Here is an overview:

Sign of diseasePollen allergyCovid-19
FeverNoAlmost always
body achesNorare
dry coughfrequentlyAlmost always
Cough that produces mucusrarerare
SniffAlmost alwaysrare
NizzriesAlmost alwaysNo
Shortness of breathfrequentlyfrequently
Sore throatrareMaybe
a headacherareMaybe
Itchy eyesAlmost alwaysNo
Loss of the sense of smell and tasteMaybefrequently

If you are still not sure of the exact cause of your symptoms, you should definitely consult your doctor over the phone, Sereina de Zordo recommends. It would also be logical for a corona test to be on the safe side.

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