Soon “Sobriety Ambassadors” in companies to accelerate their transformation

Soon “Sobriety Ambassadors” in companies to accelerate their transformation

Since MEDF Summer University, Elizabeth Bourne has encouraged business leaders to create “sobriety ambassadors” positions. He urges companies to do everything possible to avoid “cuts”, otherwise the “first affected” companies will be in the event of energy “rationing”. But the companies’ non-binding measures may not be enough to get through the winter.

Elizabeth Bourne and Geoffroy Roux de Bisio at MEDF Summer University

If everyone does not do their part, a sudden gas outage could happen overnight, with serious economic and social consequences.‘Medive Summer University’s Elizabeth Bourne warns. PM invites companies to incorporate in September’Sobriety plans“active for”Now stop unnecessary energy consumption“.

The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10% in two years compared to 2019 and “Prefer selected savings rather than suffered discounts“The head of the government calls,” he said.If we get to rationing, companies will be the first to be affectedwarns Matignon’s tenant. To avoid this scenario, keepThe idea of ​​a sobriety ambassador in every company. This model has worked well for our Covid references”.

Remote work, effective measure

The companies did not wait to encourage the prime minister to take action. “We have just appointed a Chief Impact Officer who will also be responsible for implementing sobriety measuresWeward CEO Yves Benchimol steps forward.We encourage soft movement among our employees and walking in particular‘, argues the head of mobile applications.We will also measure the internal and external impacts of our initiatives Adds the manager whose goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10%achievable on a large scale.”. The business manager is also a supporter of remote work for employees who want it again to reduce energy consumption.

The same enthusiasm from Limvirak Chea, CEO of Fixter who ensures within its structure the appropriate application of simple gestures such as “Turn off the lights or heat on weekends“. Co-founder of startup that simplifies car maintenance says he’ll do it.”Formalizing and promoting all energy saving procedures by appointing a manager“He goes too.”Encourage these energy sobriety measures with their customers“.

The business manager also confirms that he has encouraged remote work 3 days a week for his employees. Switching to regular remote work is one of the most effective measures. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), which put forward 10 proposals for lower energy consumption, this lever will be most effective if it is implemented three days a week, before reducing the speed on the motorway by 10 km / h and the individual car limits (carpooling, carpooling) .

Tight schedule

We must enter collectively into sober growthFor his part, the president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, admitted. The head of presidents also defended the idea of ​​”decarbonized capitalism“confirms that”The first concern of our members is the complete change of the French entrepreneurship systemThe union leader says his movement is ready to take on this challenge and is therefore defending “Green planning to set rules in advance for contractors“Longer those companies.”They will do their part“.

The government has responded to Medef’s expectations by imposing, for the time being, no binding measures on companies. The moderation plan should be drawn up in September and an initial assessment will be drawn up at the end of September or the beginning of October. The Government does not preclude restrictive measures if in the end those saving measures applied prove insufficient. This calendar does not scare the presidents: “It is up to what we liveWeward CEO Yves Benchimol confirms.

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However, the mentioned measures may not be enough to get through the winter. “We walked slowly behind a rapidly changing climate. The work is being built and intensified, but it is not quite up to him yetlamented climate scientist Valérie Masson-Delmot in an interview with Le Monde newspaper published on July 16.

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