Sony announces PlayStation Stars, its loyalty program – News

Sony announces PlayStation Stars, its loyalty program – News

Once you sign up for the program for free, players will be able to get rewards based on some of their gaming achievements. Some goals will be basic and open to everyone, such as logging in at least once per month to start a game, but others will require winning tournaments, earning specific trophies, or even being the first player in their time zone to achieve the Platinum Cup. The latest groundbreaking game.

In a more realistic and classic way, players registered with the PlayStation Stars program will have the opportunity to earn loyalty points to redeem them for certain items on the PlayStation Store or to get paid to fill up their PSN wallet. Take advantage of this for PlayStation Plus subscribers who, once they are PlayStation Stars members, will automatically earn points for their PlayStation Store purchases.

PlayStation is distancing itself from NFTs

A new type of reward also awaits future members, namely digital collectibles bearing the image of characters, perks or even PlayStation equipment. “There will always be new collectibles to win, a very rare item to covet, or something surprising to collect for fun.“One can read. When conjuring these.”digital collectiblesA suspicious reader will quickly wonder if this software isn’t for Sony as a way to start tinkering with NFTs.

But really not at all. “Obviously, these are not NFTs. of course no. You cannot trade or sell it. We do not rely on any blockchain technology and certainly do not rely on NFTs‘, Grace Chen, Vice President of PlayStation Network, strongly emphasized in a pre-arranged interview with Washington Post To remove any ambiguity.

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