Sonny Bill Williams refuses to wear sponsor's logo

Sonny Bill Williams refuses to wear sponsor's logo

For religious reasons, the New Zealander refuses to wear the betting company's logo on his Toronto Wolfpack jersey.

Sonny Bill Williams, 34, who converted to Islam in 2009, refuses for religious reasons to wear the logo of the Super League's sponsor, a betting company, on his jersey, according to Bob Hunter, the president of his club, the Toronto Wolfpack.

“We are currently in discussions with the Premiership on this matter, but Sonny has been very clear about his position on this matter,” the manager explained at the rugby league club’s media day.
“I think it would be good for (the sponsor) to take a stand that they agree to respect and honor the player’s religious beliefs (…) The sponsor could say, ‘Yes, okay, we understand. It’s a big deal.’ It’s a brand and a famous name, but we understand.”

“Conscience condition”

In 2017, while playing for the Auckland Blues, he was allowed to cover up the Bank of New Zealand logo on his shirt.
The All Black's contract contained a “conscience clause” that exempted him from wearing logos of banks, alcohol producers or gaming companies.

After starting out in rugby union, “SBW” moved up to the XV in 2008, winning back-to-back World Cups during his 58 caps for the All Blacks. He also had a brief stint in boxing.

He is expected to make his debut for the Canadian side, which has been promoted to the Premier League, on February 2 against Castleford.

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